Spring Break Trips

Spend your spring break making an eternal impact on this 8 day trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

Puerto Rico is full of friendly, open people who love music, great food, sports, and dancing.  This beautiful Island holds the potential for huge impact in Latin America as Puerto Rican students are Americans with a Caribbean culture who hold the credibility to influence fellow students in Central and South American nations.  As a United States Citizen, you don’t need a passport to get here and enjoy this wonderful culture. 

San Juan is home to the largest university, the University of Puerto: Rio Piedras. Students here are very open to talking and hearing about Jesus.  You will be able to develop skills in communicating the gospel and engaging others in spiritual conversations.  Our week there will enable us to give lift to the current Cru-partnered college ministries.   We will also be seeking opportunities to physically serve the needs of local churches and communities as we desire to be a blessing and encouragement to this Island that is still recovering from a challenging economic climate and the devastation left by Hurricane Maria.

Important Details:

  • Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Term: Spring Break 2020
  • Ministry Focus: College Campus/Launching spiritual movements and serving the community.
  • Cost: 
  • Length: 8 days