Jadah Daley

Co-Weekly Meeting Coordinator

Jadah is a sophomore in Wharton concentrating in Marketing & Operations Management with a secondary concentration in Social Impact & Responsibility. She is from East Hartford, Connecticut and hopes to create a nonprofit soccer club one day. Jadah loves getting to know people and hear their stories. She also has a deep passion for Christian Hip Hop/Rap and can talk for hours about it. She also loves to talk about soccer and basketball with her favorite teams being Manchester City and the Boston Celtics. Daleyja@wharton.upenn.edu  

Myahn Walker

Service Coordinator and Dubois women’s study leader

Myahn Walker is a Sophomore from Philadelphia. She is currently in the College of Arts and Sciences pursuing a degree in Fine Arts. She has a heart for service and a very creative spirit. So, if you ever want to have a paint session (or do anything art related), let her know! She also enjoys basketball and in her honest opinion, the 76ers are the best team in the NBA.


Allie Morgan

Kailey Blair

Sophomore Small Group Leader & Evangelism Follow-Up Team Leader 

Kailey is a junior in Engineering studying Materials Science & Engineering with a minor in Energy & Sustainability. She is from central California, out on the (best) west coast and loves eating ice cream, having intentional conversation over a BIG cup of coffee, exploring Philly, complaining about the cold weather, and having spontaneous dance parties while blasting Taylor Swift. Reach out if you want to join her in any of these activities or make a suggestion to broaden her horizons! Kailey is excited to get to know you and your interests!

Jared Elters Dempsey

Worship Leader

Jared is a sophomore from Coatesville, Pennsylvania. He is in College of Arts and Sciences and is a member of the Penn Track & Field team. He loves people, music, sports, jokes, and making analogies. He enjoys spending his summers at Camp Ladore as a camp counselor and is always down for deep conversations, food, and spontaneous worship sessions. Legend holds that if you ask him to get lunch with you, he will gladly accept with a smile!

Daphne Wiredu

Junior and Senior Small Group Leader & Community Team leader 

Daphne is a junior from Williamstown, New Jersey. She is in the College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in Biology with a minor in STSC (Science, Technology, and Society), with hopes of becoming a doctor. She loves movies, music, plays, traveling, and hearing people’s life stories. Reach out if you want to share your story with her and/or watch some great movies! 


Erin Bass

Erin Bass

Freshman Small Group Leader & Worship Team 

Erin is a sophomore nursing student with a passion for studying languages like Spanish and American Sign Language. She’s a crunchy-granola outdoors enthusiast from North Carolina with a love for eclectic music, good comedy, and Jesus! Catch her heading to the gym, playing music, rocking lime green Crocs, having great conversations, and finding the best (vegan?) ice cream in Philly.


Allie Morgan

Social Media Team

Addison and Emily

Addison and Emily Frank

Addison grew up in Bucks County Pennsylvania and graduated from Penn State University with an Engineering degree. Since graduating, Addison has been working for Cru, most recently in Washington D.C. Addison joined the Philly Cru team after getting married to his wife, Emily, who is a graphic designer with Cru. Addison loves reading and learning, thinking, playing sports, and watching B-rated horror films.


Jess Bost

Originally from Massachusetts, Jess graduated from Baylor University in 2020 where she studied and grew in her passion for theology, ministry and missions, social justice, and Spanish. Always up for an adventure, Jess loves to play soccer and other sports, climb trees, hike, rock climb, have deep conversations, and share life stories (even better if coffee or food is involved). Go Pats!


Hannah Gajari

Born and raised in farm country, Hannah came to love the city of Philadelphia as a student at Penn. This is her sixth year on Cru staff and her first year as a co-city director with Andy. She loves trivia, linguistics, and musicals.


Greg Mitchell

Greg Mitchell serves with the graduate ministry of Cru at the University of Pennsylvania. Greg graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s in Industrial Design and a masters in Design Education. He is currently a full-time seminary student at Westminster Theological Seminary.


Tyler Knowles

Tyler Knowles serves with the graduate ministry of Cru at the University of Pennsylvania. Tyler grew up in Wisconsin, was a double major (math and physics) as an undergraduate at Ripon College, and earned a master’s degree in math at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and a doctorate in math at West Virginia University.  He is currently a full-time seminary student at Westminster Theological Seminary.